MCT works towards developing efficient and competent students which can later on work towards the welfare of their families. It believes that no child should be left behind in their life due to the lack of opportunity and avail the benefit that education offers. MCT makes sure that every child gets the opportunity to progress in life and bring their education to use.

Sewing classes offered to girls in Millat Govt Girls School which help them master the art of making clothes and later on setting up their own tailoring business. This will not only bring a skill in use but can also help in supplementing the family income.Each successful girl who can sow a shalwar kameez is given a sewing machine to take home.

Each students at Millat School has a computer class each week.They have 2 computer labs with 80 computers and run on solar power.

Offering arts and crafts classes can also help the students find their artistic side which can help them support their families.

Aside from different skill building classes MCT also funds scholarships to students after matriculation. The child who is eager to learn should get admission in the desired college on their own basis and then MCT will fund their education for 4 years.The students get 10000 rupees annually for 4 years

MCT doesn’t only focus on its students but teachers as well, who can also take part in the career development program. MCT tries to arrange Teacher training at school where the teachers are trained to become efficient and proficient in their jobs.