MCT has adopted 3 government schools in the Industrial Area of Korangi and offers education to both boys and girls. Parents and children responded well in all the three schools where the current enrolment is around 6000 and an average attendence of 5400 students on any given day. There are app 3400 girls in the morning shift and about 2000 boys in the afternoon shift attending classes.MCT has about 150 teachers and about 35 support staff on their payroll.

The three schools are:

  • Aziz Government School for Girls and Boys
    • Primary for Girls
    • Primary and Secondary for boys
  • Mehran Government School for Girls and Boys. Primary School
  • Millat Government Schools for Girls. Secondary School 

All School buildings are well equipped and have fully furnished classrooms, an administrative block, a play area and has facilities to enable students with a stimulating learning environment.

The details of the 3 adopted schools are as followed.

S# Name of the Schools Number of students enrolled Shifts Education Level Population
1. Aziz 2,200  Morning and Afternoon Primary and Secondary Boys and Girls
2. Mehran 2,200 Morning and Afternoon Primary Boys and Girls
3. Millat 1,200 Morning Secondary Girls


1. Apart from running the above schools, MCT has financially contributed towards other charitable projects and continues to support deserving projects.MCT has been financially involved with Citizens Foundation,Children Cancer Hospital,Indus Hospital,Dhoraji Youth Services,Memon Diabetic Centre and other good charitable projects.

2. A Widows Assistance Program

MCT pays Rs.12000 per annum to about 1000 widows to assist them in their lives.These women are mostly from the local areas and their status is verified before they are registered.Payments is made 3 times in a year in equal installments in April, August and December of each year.

3. Student Scholarship

MCT giving about a 1000 students a yearly stipend of Rs 6000/- in 2 installments of Rs 3000/- in February and August of each year. This encourage needy parents to send their children to school.

4. Graduate Program

Every Student who graduates in ‘A’ grade from matric is offered Rs. 10,000/- grant per year provided they continue with their studies in any college. This grant is for four years.