Maskatiya Charitable Trust (MCT) ensures access to education for the underprivileged by adopting Government Schools. MCT bears both the cost of renovation and furnishing the adopted schools, and hiring  competent management and teaching staff so that the children can be provided with a good education without charging the students any fees.

MCT was formed in September 2003 as a Family Charitable Trust. There are six Trustees; Mr. Wahid Maskatiya is the Managing Trustee. He devotes a substantial amount of his time to the affairs of the trust.MCT has a General Manager,Mr.Akbar Jamal who has vast experience in education and closely works with the managing trustee to run the schools.

MCT received a donation of Rs. 420 million from Mr. Karim Maskatiya and Rs.150 million from Mr. Robert Cucinotta to assist MCT in executing its mandate. Since that donation, Mr Wahid Maskatiya has steered the trust in achieving its stated mission of providing qualitative education to Karachi’s underprivileged children.

Currently, MCT has adopted three government schools which are located in the Industrial area of Korangi in Karachi where a quality education is unaffordable and inaccessible due to a majority of the residents in the area are industrial workers who earn a minimum wage (approx. USD $100 per month). These industrial workers and their families, favor to put their children to work instead of sending them to school so that they can supplement their monthly expenses.

MCT seeks to bring a change in the thinking of the people in these areas, to make education the first priority for their child, as it is offered to them at no cost. Awareness is being created amongst the students and the parents that a fine education is the only route towards a quality life.


To ensure that at least 10,000 underprivileged children get a quality education in MCT schools from nursery till matriculation.


Our vision is to enable these children to step out of the trap of poverty and engage in meaningful livelihoods once they are educated at MCT schools.


MCT believes in constructive results. The basis of these constructive outcomes can be measured when:

  • Every student passes the matriculation exams with good grades and that MCT is victorious in motivating them to achieve higher goals.
  • Each student supported by MCT helps in turning around his/her family.
  • MCT believes that high-quality schooling and appropriate education will facilitate in eliminating a lot of the country’s problem.